The THREE PEAKS EGYPT CHALLENGE is a new, community-founded hiking challenge in the Sinai. Stretching 38km, and tackling three of Egypt’s biggest, most iconic mountain peaks, the main aim of the challenge is to finish in 24 hours. This is the first Three Peaks Challenge in the Middle East and Egypt’s ultimate mountain hike. It’s a route that will push you to the max – and your personal peak – all the way. There is also the extreme 12 hour and a moderate 72 hour challenge.

You can even try to break the Three Peaks Egypt record!

However fast you go, the challenge will take you on an inspirational journey through the most beautiful, fabled and historic mountains of the Middle East.

Bedouin in an orchard, Three Peaks Egypt, Ben HofflerThe challenge was founded by a group of local Bedouin, Egyptian and international hikers, whose aim is to develop a world-class mountain route that showcases the best of Egypt’s beautiful wilderness whilst challenging the negative stereotypes of the Sinai. We also want the challenge to create a sustainable economy that helps mountain communities and preserves traditional knowledge and lifestyles. This website is an entirely non-profit information resource.